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Review: Enneagram Transformations by Don Richard Riso

A great “on the go” Enneagram book. I recommend it for anyone interested in spiritual transformation and the work of reparenting one’s self. This short work by Don Riso is of course much more user-friendly if one has some familiarity with the increasingly popular typology (check out Riso/Hudson’s The Wisdom of the Enneagram, Rohr’s Enneagram in Christian Perspective, Hannah Pasch’s Millenneagram, and Huertz’s Sacred Enneagram).

Enneagram Transformations is a collection of “releases” and “affirmations” for each of the nine Types, though Riso offers a very brief introduction to the system up front.

I found many of the affirmations throughout the book very helpful, most especially for my own Type. Five stars.

Enneagram Writings

The Nine Anthem

I’m not gonna settle
Not gonna do the same old thing
‘Til I die.
I want to live.
For as long as I can, yes,
But really live in the meantime.
“Peace” is alluring
But it’s not worth the sacrifice
[But isn’t it?]
It’s not worth the self-contradiction
Or the self-effacement
Or the self-loathing
But there is a life that’s worthy.
Worthy of time.
Of devotion.
Of love.
Of sacrifice–not the sacrifice of the self:
Me–the real me–
But of my self-image
Of the self that is an amalgamation of what Dad was or wasn’t
And what I should or shouldn’t be.
What I have, what I do, what other people say about me.
To settle into a lived existence
An experienced existence
Full of contradiction